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Who’s Ab&J  

been in business for over 20 years . They are located in inland empire California they over payment plans to customers on direct sales by network marketing . They also sell jewelry online and have many content on YouTube , Instagram and Facebook , they also traveled to Mexico to sell in fiestas de octubre located in Guadalajara .

What do they sell ?

They sell all kinds of Jewelry from plated jewelry to gold but mainly focus on plated jewelry . They offer 24k Gold plated PVD high quality Jewelry( stainless steel with a Gold bond) , we manufacture our custom jewelry to give the look and feel of real gold for less , real gold can go in the thousands $ , each gram of gold retails for about $60-$80 a gram so you would be spending around $1,000-4,000 for a chain , our chains are 24k real gold plated on stainless steel unlike brass which can turn your skin green or tarnish quickly , , stainless steel is most commonly found on watches like Rolex , Nixon , movado , Micheal kors , also stainless steel won’t turn black Or make your neck green it’s also friendly on skin because it’s hypoallergenic meaning it won’t cause allergic reactions like regular metals , avoid harsh wear to get the most durability , we offer a replacement warranty for life so if by chance your peace where to lose color simply show us your proof of purchase and your jewelry peace and well exchange it for only 25% of what you paid for , so for example if your bought a chain for $50 you only need to pay 25% for a replacement warranty so $50 - 25% = $12.5

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